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 Toukiden: The Age of Demons |OT

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PostSubject: Toukiden: The Age of Demons |OT   Toukiden: The Age of Demons |OT Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2014 7:38 am

Platform: PS Vita
Release date: 11/14 February 2014
Genre: Action
Players: Single player
Multiplayer: Online mode is available to allow for 4 player co-op to finish various missions
Official Website

An age of peace comes to a terrifying end when a gateway from the Otherworld, home of the Oni, results in hordes of Oni flooding into the human world. This became known as the Awakening.
It is the mission of the Slayers to slay the Oni and bring peace once again to the world.

Toukiden is an action game from KOEI Tecmo creators of the Musou series. Players create a character (Slayer) and travel through battle fields similar to ones in Musou games, completing missions. These missions can either be defeating a set number of Onis, or clearing a field from Onis, etc. Along the way they can collect items which they can then use to craft equipment to strengthen their character.
Players can also play some of the game’s missions with up to 3 other players via online.
Note that the demo of the game doesn't feature some of the elements and features that the full game has such as increased limit to stored items and multiple save slots.

Game play features
Character creation:
Can choose between a male or female character and customize their hair and facial appearance. You can change the hair color of your character within the game at any time by visiting your room.

Upon killing various Onis, players can purify them (Hold R) to get items from them which they can then be used in crafting equipment.
When battling stronger or larger Onis, players can cause some of their limbs or body parts to fall off, if purified they will weaken the Oni allowing for it to be defeated much faster. However should a body part regenerate, the battle will be prolonged.

Mitama are the souls of notable heroes from Japanese history, they can be ‘equipped’ to your weapon to gain extra (passive) abilities such as increased attack power or faster health regeneration. Various Mitama can be acquired from slaying stronger Onis, and various weapons can be equipped with more than 1 Mitama.
Mitamas also offer additional abilities (Boosts) during gameplay by holding R when stationary and choosing which ‘buff’ to have active such as increased attack power or the ability to ‘leech’ health from attacking enemies.
The game states there to be more than 200 Mitama to collect, allowing the player to customize their abilities set to their preference.
When on battle fields, you can recover the number of Boosts you can use by ‘praying’ at certain glowing stones.
For more details on Mitamas, refer to the Official Website’s Mitama section

Click the link below for a list of where to find certain Mitama, but be warned that it may contain some mild spoilers, so better to check this spreadsheet if you just want to clean up on any missing Mitamas

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Toukiden: The Age of Demons |OT
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