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 Just The Beginning

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PostSubject: Just The Beginning   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:29 am

Ever since Sora had disappeared Soran didn't know what to do and how to look for the Organization member she needed to find. It was hard to even find any lurking around the corners of Twilight Town and each one had their hood up, it frustrated her.

"This is stupid!" She growled and kicked a pebble that skipped along the cobblestone streets of Twilight Town. This was her 20th visit to this world and her only world she would want to visit. She wanted to find out who she was really looking for but the Files in a mansion said nothing and so did the towns folk. They would look at her like she was crazy.

Soran entered The Usual Spot, hoping to find something today that could have appeared after she left the last time but everything seemed to be in order. She sighed miserably and felt like slumping down and crying out her frustrations.

"2 years at this and I still can't find anything or anyone. I should try different places like really.." She shuffled out of the usual spot and traveled down to Station Heights and towards the mansion.

She didn't know why but she had the urge to Explore the Computer room once again on this trip.

It didn't take her long until she was down in the dark blue lit room with the blinking lights and flashing screens. Soran scanned the area and layed eyes on a large electric blue beam that was moving down. She reached out and touched it and she was instantly zapped to a lower level of the computer room. She looked around before turning to the right hand door which opened up to a large 4 cornered room. in the farthest left corner a large swirling ball of matter floated there and Soran cocked her head to the side, curiosity spreading through her. She walked to the corner and looked at it, leaning forward and crossing her arms.

"The hell?" She frowned and reached her hand out to touch the floating matter when she was sucked in.

*~* Continuing in The World That Never Was (Was retarder for posting here first) *~*

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Just The Beginning
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