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 Darkness Falls and Tooth Fairy

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PostSubject: Darkness Falls and Tooth Fairy   Darkness Falls and Tooth Fairy Icon_minitimeFri Jun 25, 2010 11:50 pm

Alright i know you guys never heard of these movies but they were actually pretty good, Darkness Falls was made in 2003, and Tooth Fairy was made in 2006, 3 years after Darkness Falls, which is what the Director based Tooth Fairy on.

Darkness Falls-
The story of the town Darkness Falls, (which is based on the town of Fall River, Massachusetts) begins with the legend of a widow, Matilda Dixon, who was adored by all the town's children. Matilda would tell them stories, and give them gifts and gold coins when they lost a tooth, thus earning her the name "Tooth Fairy."

After a fire in her home left her horribly disfigured with an extreme sensitivity to light, she wore a porcelain mask, and only went out at night.

One day, when two boys go missing, the townspeople quickly blame Matilda and hang her, ripping off her porcelain mask and exposing her face to the light. Out of sadness and betrayal, Matilda promises her vengeance. Soon afterward, the two missing boys return home unharmed. The town, realizing their mistake, bury Matilda's body along with their secret. The story of Matilda Dixon, the Tooth Fairy, is told to many generations after the murder, and it is believed that her spirit visits children on the night they lose their last baby tooth, where she seeks her vengeance if they see her.

The story begins when Kyle Walsh, an antisocial teenager, befriended only by his secret infatuation, Caitlin Greene, loses his last baby tooth. He soon realizes that the story of Matilda Dixon is not just a fable when he sees her in his room. Realizing that light is her weakness, he shines a flashlight into her face and hides in the bright lights of the bathroom. His mother, in trying to convince him there's nothing in his room, is soon killed after seeing the Tooth Fairy. The next morning, as the police arrive, Kyle is taken to a mental hospital after speculations that he himself killed his mother.

12 years later, Caitlin Greene calls a secluded Kyle to ask for his help with her younger brother, Michael, who refuses to sleep in the darkness. After a visit to the hospital to talk to Michael - with his bag of flashlights, his "peace of mind" - Kyle soon realizes that Michael suffers the same fate after an encounter with the Tooth Fairy. Michael, like Kyle, now has a gripping fear of the dark, and is thought to have gone insane. After denying any relation to his condition, Kyle walks away from Caitlin, scared of the truth.

United with his childhood neighbors, Kyle attempts to warn others of the Tooth Fairy and tells them to stay in the light. The ridicule that he faces leads to the death of many in the town of Darkness Falls. He soon gains allies as they realize the truth within his story. To add to the terror, a storm causes a disturbance in the power grid for the town, just as Kyle loses his bag of flashlights to the police when he is arrested and questioned about the sudden rise in the death toll. After convincing the police that his story is true, Kyle, Michael and Caitlin decide to lead the Tooth Fairy to the largest source of light in the town - the lighthouse. They are assisted by several medical personell.

In an attempt to destroy the Tooth Fairy and the spirit of Matilda Dixon, Kyle truly faces the demon as he rips off her porcelain mask and, igniting her, sets free her tortured soul. This fate is tested when another young child loses his last baby tooth and awaits the Tooth Fairy, only to find, to the audience's knowledge, that his mother replaces the tooth with a gold coin.

Tooth Fairy-
The innocent childhood fantasy of the tooth fairy gets a macabre twist in this horror film from director Chuck Bowman and writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell (21 JUMP STREET, HUNTER). Starring PJ Soles (HALLOWEEN) and several actors from FREDDY VS. JASON, THE TOOTH FAIRY begins when a 12-year-old girl named Pamela moves with her family to a bed-and-breakfast. There, she is a greeted by a next-door neighbor who makes it her mission to tell her the true story behind the tooth fairy myth. Could it be that the tooth fairy is actually evil--a wicked creature willing to kill children just to get their teeth?
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Darkness Falls and Tooth Fairy
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